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Commercial Concrete Driveways
When it comes to commercial concrete driveways, there are several important factors to consider before constructing a commercial concrete pavement. The type of concrete will affect the final look and overall cost. While non-reinforced asphaltic concrete is the standard for residential driveways, it is important to consider the size of the parking lot as well. A standard residential driveway needs four inches of full depth asphaltic concrete. A commercial or industrial driveway must be at least six inches deep and have two inches of crushed rock base.

In addition to being affordable, concrete is durable and low-maintenance, which makes it a smart choice for areas that see a lot of traffic. Because it doesn’t need to be resurfaced every few years, concrete also offers a long-term cost-saving solution. If you’re looking to build a commercial driveway, a commercial paving contractor can help you choose the perfect design for your property.

Once you’ve chosen the type of concrete you need for your commercial building, you can hire a concrete contractor to pour your new concrete slab. During this phase, you’ll have the foundation poured first. Then, basic framing is done to indicate where the garage will be. Then, the construction crew will move inside and finish the building. Once the building’s construction crew has moved out, a concrete contractor can start pouring your new driveway and finish it all in one day.

If you’re looking for a commercial concrete contractor, contact Precision Concrete Floors. Their concrete contractors are skilled in repairing concrete damage caused by water, trees, and old staining. They can also handle the entire process, from start to finish, including removing old concrete, repairing drainage issues, and pouring new concrete. Then, they can apply a decorative finish and seal the concrete for protection. When you hire a commercial concrete contractor, you can expect excellent results, so don’t hesitate to contact them today!

Whether you want a driveway to last for many years or to be beautiful and durable, concrete is a great option for both residential and commercial properties. The materials used to make a concrete driveway vary in consistency and strength. Ready-mix concrete is made with portland cement, high quality aggregates, and water. You can find over 4,000 concrete producers in the U.S. and Canada. This material is the best option for your commercial driveways because it requires less preparation time and costs less in the long run.

The right design can enhance the appearance of your home and business. Good planning will go a long way in ensuring a high-quality concrete driveway. Planning ahead will help prevent problems later on in the construction process. For example, consider the size of the driveway. If the driveway is large, consider using a smaller driveway or a single-wide one. Then, choose the colors and materials accordingly. You’ll be amazed at how much difference a professional installation can make.

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